Tutorials 2. Using the Website - Familiarization

Summary of the tutorial

This tutorial will provide the viewer with a brief overview of the Rimbit website components.

Website Familiarization

Using The Rimbit Website

This tutorial is designed to introduce you to the Rimbit website and its functionality. This is not an exhaustive guide, and the onus is on the user to learn the more in depth features. It is always recommended that you take some time to just click around and get familiar with things.

Here we will simply have a quick look around the various parts of the website, and then you can consult the other tutorials to get more specific instructions on using individual features and areas.

There are separate Website Tutorials you can consult as follows, by clicking on the links below:

User Account Settings
Navigation Bar
Forum Use

Back to the subject of this tutorial. Below is the Home screen that you will see once you are logged in.

So let's look around a bit. Below in the section circled and numbered 1, is your profile area. If you see this, you know you are logged in. You can see how many messages you have ever written, and how many likes your posts have gotten. Don’t ask me how you get Points. I simply don’t know! Feedback has to do with trading (and trust level) on the site. The picture you see of the girl below is a random and rotating ad, and may not even be there sometimes. Usually it will link back to the Indiegogo campaign page though, where you can buy Rimbit. In the section circled and labeled 2, is the Coinmarket cap. This is where you can see how Rimbit is doing in value compared to other indicated currencies in a near real time basis.

Scroll down the page a bit, and in the main part of the page, you will see some descriptions and background regarding Rimbit, as indicated by the arrow. On the right side, you will also see a section entitled “Get a Rimbit Wallet”. As the name suggests, you can download a Rimbit wallet for a variety of platforms. You can find information about the use of these wallets and their set up in the Tutorials section of this website.

In the next view below, we have scrolled down further, and you can see on the right, the Shoutbox gadget, as indicated by the upper arrow. Shoutbox is a chat-style gadget where, if you are logged in, you can type a quick message in the box indicated by the lower arrow, and press enter, and the message will instantly appear.

Continue scrolling down, and as the screenshot below shows, you will see a gadget on the right entitled Popular Resources. Here, as with the Get a Rimbit Wallet gadget seen in a previous screen, you can download a Rimbit wallet for a number of different platforms. Why is there a second gadget for downloading wallets? Well I just don’t know. Choice, I guess! Below that gadget is the New Threads gadget. This is a place to glance and quickly see any new threads that have been started in the Forum section. Clicking on any given thread here will take you to the thread.

You're doing great....

As we continue to scroll down, you can see Forum Statistics, as indicated by the upper arrow in the screenshot below. This is a status glance on numbers that you might find interesting regarding different areas of the site. It is self explanatory. Below that, as indicated by the lower arrow below, there is a gadget that shows all members of the site that are online at that given moment.

We are finally getting to the bottom of the page, and the gadget on the right as indicated below, is a Twitter Feed gadget. When anyone tweets from anywhere in the world and puts a hashtag of #rimbit in their tweet, it will appear here. And of course you should be putting that hashtag in every tweet you send, no matter what the topic! We have a tutorial HERE that outlines how to set up a twitter account and send your first tweet.

Let’s jump up to the top of the home page for a moment, as shown below. You can see as indicated by the red circle, something called the navigation bar. In another tutorial, we will go into detail about what this does, but for now, you can just hover your mouse over the various titles, and a drop down menu will show you the options behind each one.

Let’s click on the Forums button, and then zip all the way back down to the bottom left corner of the page. As indicated below, you will see a button called Rimbit-UI.X. Go ahead and click on it.

A box will pop up and give you two options. This is something that changes your view from white to black. Click on the button that is circled below, and see what happens.

Let's Go Dark!

Wow! Black screen as shown below, if you like that view better.

Scroll back down to the bottom of the screen again, and you will see as circled below, a button that has now appeared beside the button that changes the screen color. This changes the default screen view to be optimized on a 4:3 screen. I don’t know why it doesn’t exist in the white screen view.

Finally, if you go back to the top of the page, and then scroll down slightly, you will see a button as indicated in the circle below. This will also allow you to toggle between white and black backgrounds.

Thank you for sticking with us until the end. Now go look at some of the more specific tutorials, to dig deeper into the website.

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