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Tutorials Setting up a Twitter Account

Summary of the tutorial

How to setup a Twitter Account

1 Setting up a Twitter Account

1. Open browser and go to www.twitter.com, as seen below marked number 1.

2. Click on “Sign up” button as seen below marked number 2.

On this page, enter your name (or a name), as well as your email address and a password. Then click on Sign up.

4. Select your country, and enter your telephone number, and then click Next.

5. At this point, you will be asked to verify your telephone number. Twitter will send a text to your phone with a code. Enter that code into the box below, and click Verify.

6. Once your telephone has been verified, you will now choose a username, known as your Twitter Handle. When you type in your chosen name, you will be told immediately if it is available or not.

7. You will now see your first welcome page. You are almost there! Click on Let’s go!

8. Now it is time to personalize the account. You can select various topics in the list shown below, or you don’t need to pick any. Once you have made your choices, click on Continue.

9. You will see a page with some suggested Twitter accounts that you could follow. Again, you can pick some, or none at all for now. You can always go back later and select some. Once you have made your selection, click Continue.

10. At this point, you can now select a photo for your account. You can find a photo that you already have, and drag it to the square within the dotted line, or you click on the camera, and you will get the choice to add a picture or take a picture with your webcam. Go ahead and click on the camera.

11. In this example, we will take a picture with our webcam. Follow the instructions to take a photo of yourself, and when you are happy with it, click on Apply, as shown below.

12. You will now be back at the photo page, and you will see your picture. Click on Continue.

13. If you wish, you can now let Twitter have access to your address book, where it will use your contacts to try and find friends that have Twitter accounts. I don’t recommend this, but it is your choice. If you don’t want to do this, just click on “Skip this step” in the bottom right corner.

14. You will be taken to the page seen below. This is just Twitter trying once again to get you to “follow” people. You can select some, or not at all. Once you have made your choice, click Continue.

15. You still have one more step to take before your new Twitter account is ready for use. As seen in the yellow banner on the page below, you will have to go to the email account you used to set up your Twitter account, and click the verification link in the email.

16. Once you have clicked the verification link in your email, you will see the page below, where your account has been confirmed.

17. Now let’s send our first tweet! Click on the feather in the top right corner, as shown below.

18. You will see the Compose box open as below. Type a message. Make sure that you add #rimbit to all of your tweets! You may have heard people say “hashtag (blah blah)”. This is what a hashtag is. Nothing more than a number or pound sign followed by whatever word you want to bring attention to. In this case, Rimbit. Remember that hashtags are case sensitive, so #Rimbit is not the same as #rimbit. You want to use #rimbit. Then click on Tweet. You have just sent your first Tweet!

19. To find people to “Follow” click in the Search Twitter box at the top right hand corner, as shown below. Enter an email address, Twitter handle, or person’s name, subject, etc, and you will be given choices. Just click the “Follow button” and you are now following someone!

Tutorial put together by : JSKRAMER

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