Tutorials 3. Using the Website - User Account Settings

Summary of the tutorial

This tutorial will focus on the various options available to personalize your user account.

Your User Profile

Using the Rimbit Website – Account Settings

You have set up your account, and can now access all of the areas of the site, as well as interact with others through forum posts. Good for you! Now we will take some time to get familiar with the various different areas of the website, starting with the various settings regarding your account profile.

1. User settings can be found in two places from most every page on the forum, as shown below, circled and numbered 1 and 2.

2. We will start by looking at the info in circle 1 above. You can see an envelope icon. This will show any active private conversations with other users, and will also allow you to start new ones, as seen by the options below when you click on the envelope icon.

3. These conversations are private, and can only be seen by the parties to the conversation. Beside the envelope icon is a flag icon. This shows anyone who “liked”, “commented”, or “replied” to a forum post you made. It is a quick reference place that will take you to those specific posts, as shown below.

4. Now we will focus on the profile settings themselves. If you hover your mouse over your username beside the envelope icon, you will see a menu appear as seen below. If you click on the profile name, or on the “Your Profile Page” in the drop down seen below, you will be taken to a watered down version of your profile that is basically a one stop shop of your account history. It is very self explanatory, so no need to outline here. We will be working within the drop down menu shown below. We are not going to cover every single option, as most are quite easy to figure out on your own.

5. Let’s look first at Personal Details in the drop down shown above. Click on it and you will be taken to the page as seen below.

6. You can create a status message, as well as change your Avatar, by clicking on it. As you scroll down, you will see other options to consider, as seen below. Always keep security in mind as you do so.

7. Once you have selected your options, scroll to the bottom and select Save Changes. Now hover your mouse over your username again to get the drop down list and click on Signature, and you will see the screen below.

8. Put in any information you would like, and it is also recommended to put your Wallet address in here, as from time to time, people may send you free Rimbit for a great post, or for being helpful! Click on Save Changes when you are done. Back to the username at the top, and hover, and select Contact Details from the drop down as seen below.

9.There are more options here for how you wish to interact with the forum. If you scroll down the page, you will see many options under the Identities section. Once done, again click on Save Changes, back up to the username, hover the mouse, and this time we will click on Avatar and see the screen below.

10.Here you have the ability to add or change an Avatar, or picture, for your user. It can be one of the stock Avatars in the list, or you can click on Browse and upload most any picture you want. Now click Okay, back up to username, hover mouse, and this time click on Password, to see the screen below.

11.This is pretty self-obvious. You can change your password here. Back up to username, hover the mouse, select Two-Step Verification from the drop down. We won’t go into the other menu items, as they are easy enough to click on and figure out.

12.Because of the damage that can be done with Two-Step Verification (also known as 2 Factor Authentication), you must enter your password prior to setting up or disabling this feature. You will then see the screen below.

13.We recommend that you use the Verification Code via App option. If you are unclear on what this is, why you need it, or how to do it, you can view our tutorial on 2 Factor Authentication by clicking HERE. Clicking on Enable will take you to the following screen.

16.Once you scan the QR code shown with your cell phone app, you will be set up with 2FA (2 Factor Authentication), and you will be presented with a passcode. Enter in the Verification Code box above, click on Confirm, and you are now set up with 2 FA. This is virtually bulletproof security, but added security means that you may have to get a code from your app each time you log in to the site.

That’s it! Thanks for hanging around, and hopefully this tutorial was helpful.

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