Rimbit Price

FAQ on the Rimbit Price

How can we make the Rimbit Price on Exchanges higher?

The price on Rimbit on Exchanges is averaged out across all individual Crypto Currency Exchanges and the average is based on, amount sold, when its sold and last price its sold at.

For Example:
On Exchange XYZ, Rimbit is being sold at $1.00 and $100 was sold with a 24 hour period
On Exchange ABC, Rimbit is being sold at $2.00 and $100 was sold with a 24 hour period
The Market value of Rimbit for the 24 hours would be $1.50 with $200 worth being sold.

Another Example:
If XYZ Exchange was selling or buying Rimbit at $1.00 and had sold $500 worth, then Rimbit would have a Market value on that particular exchange of $1.00 with $500 worth being sold.
However, if someone sold just 1 Rimbit for $0.03, then the Market value would then be $0.03 with $500 worth being sold.

Its unfortunate that Crypto Exchanges do not code for these issues.

However, as the community continue to expand and more users begin buying and selling on exchanges, these "dumps" will be hardly noticed and the value of Rimbit will steadily increase over time.

To make Rimbit more valuable:
Promote Rimbit, buy and sell on Exhanges and if you have the means, purchase the lowest value Rimbit and drive the price up and up. It really is that simple and is all based on what you do or dont do!

Why is the Exchange price not the same as the Official selling price

Exchange prices are the price which Rimbit is being Purchased and Sold at by people on these Crypto Currency Exchanges.
Sometimes the Exchange price will be lower the the Official Rimbit price and sometimes the Exchange price will be higher than the Official Rimbit Price.

Some individuals also take it upon themselves to BUY at the official price and then SELL on the exchanges at much lower prices and at a loss to themselves, to disrupt Rimbit.
They do this as they are from a competing Currency that is not managed properly or simply failing and know that Rimbit is just better, so try and take it down. (Its a childish practice)
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