At the top left hand side of your wallet

  • Click File
  • Click on Backup Wallet
  • Save Backup to a safe and secure location

When you save your backup, consider that you may forget you have a Rimbit Wallet is on your computer and you may “Format”, sell or destroy your PC, only to remember your Rimbit Wallet was on that PC.

If you have a Backup on a USB Drive, DVD, CD, external drive or other, you can be safe in knowing you can retrieve the entire wallet contents.

However, if someone else gets access to your Backup, they will also have access to your entire wallet, so secure your wallet with passwords and also have the Backup in a secure location.




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Sometimes the wallet will throw errors if your system is shut down unexpectedly, if antivirus programs remove some files.

Its a very easy fix, but make sure you have always backed up your wallet first



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When you hover your mouse over your Rimbit Wallet Address, you can “Right Click” on your mouse and that will popup some wallet functions.

Simply “Copy Address” and it will be in your computer clipboard, which you can “Paste” anywhere you need to put your wallet address, such as when you purchase Rimbit from this Website.

Displaying your wallet address in public is not a security concern as nobody can do anything with it, except send Rimbit to that wallet.

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Receive coins is your Rimbit Wallet Address and is what you send to other people, so they can send you Rimbit.

You can also “label” this wallet, to give it a name such as “My Shop” or anything your want. It is not compulsory

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Send coins

Pay To: The Rimbit Wallet Address of the recipient

Label: You can create a label to remember the recipient and can be anything you want. It is not compulsory to fill in

Amount: The amount of Rimbit you want to send to the recipient

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When you download your Rimbit Wallet, you will need to synchronize it with the Network, which is part of how Cryptocurrency works, as everyone with a wallet is part of a private banking-esque system.

Sometimes the syncing process pauses, so to fix this, EXIT out of your wallet completely (make sure there is no instance of the wallet running), then start the wallet again.

You may have to do this several times during the sync process, as your wallet catches up with the Network.

You will know your wallet is synced, when you see the green “check-mark” in the bottom right hand corner of your wallet.

Category: Wallets
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