Affiliate FAQ

The Niche!

Rimbit is a unique Digital Currency in many ways and one of the ways that is relevant to Affiliate Marketers is that it has a very specialized niche that no other Digital Currency, including Bitcoin can even come close to matching!

As a Affiliate Marketer, you can be one of the unique individuals to offer a Digital Currency to the general public, in any country and to any group.

Rimbit is the only Digital Currency that can offer a true Affiliate Program, so take advantage of this niche, while Rimbit sales still last.


  • Commission is 50% on confirmed sales
  • Unique Affiliate link
  • Customize your own banner/text at your own discretion
  • Paid out Monthly
  • Payouts via PayPal or Wire Transfer in USD
  • 30 Day Cookie
  • Affiliate Control Panel to track your payments, referrals etc
  • Free to join
  • Minimum earning before payout is $20

How Do I do Affiliate Marketing and How Much can I Earn?

What can your earn?

For every sale that Rimbit does via your Affiliate Link, you get 50% commission on that sale.
So for example:

  • 1 x $100 sale - You get $50
  • 4 x $100 sale - You get $200
  • 1 x $1000 sale, you get $500
  • and so on
  • There is no limit how much you can earn!

When people use the link provided by the Rimbit Affiliate Program, a cookie is inserted into the users browser, which lasts for 30 days.

So even if one of the people you send to dont buy today, but decide to purchase in 5, 10, 20 days, you still get the commission and if the customer purchases, x amount of Rimbit one day and x amount of Rimbit another day, you still get the commission, while the cookie in the users browser is still active.

But, if a user cleans out their browser cookies, which very few people do, your affiliate link is no longer there and the sales will not be recorded.

Best Ways to setup Affiliate Links

There are many websites and videos that explain how to do effective Affiliate Marketing, but the general idea is to get out and spread your links and banners on your own Blog Site, Landing page etc.
Remember, customers will NOT come to you.
You need to go to the customer

To maximize your earnings: (Best to least effective)

  • Blogs - Create your own Blog
  • Landing Pages - Create your own Landing Pages
  • Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, VKontact, Instagram etc)
  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Links
  • Banners

Register as an Affiliate here


Need a Website?

There are many developers on the web that can build a landing page or a full website for you.
If you would like Rimbit Admin to build a website for you, please make it very clear who built the site and even more so, if I do the text for you, so as to avoid confusion.
I have built 3 websites for people and I have a few more underway, so I may not have the time to build them for you. Please contact me for availability!

Some Videos to get you started

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