Tutorials Getting Started with Your RimbitPi

Summary of the tutorial

Getting started - setting up WebUI, Webmin, sending, backing up, encrypting, loacking and unlocking
Here is a starter in words as the video cannot be seen too well.

How to Get Started with your RimbitPi

1 Plug a network cable into Pi . Do not connect the RimbitPi to your PC with the ethernet cable

2. Plug in the power. The RimbitPi will boot up shortly and it will display the RimbitPi IP address. Write this down. It is something like


Note there may be only 1 or 2 digits 192.168.x.xx

Note if you move the RimbitPi to another network, this IP address will change

But I will use the first one as the example

The screen will scroll through 7 screens in order; # blocks, # peers, Wallet Balance (note excludes unconfirmed RBT interest); Rimbit price in USD; Pi Wallet is locked/unlocked; New Mint (interest); Pi Wallet IP

3. Open a browser on your PC. In the web address enter


4. A security message will come up..look for advanced below and click that and then proceed to 192.168.xxx.xxx (unsafe). On subsequent visits it may not show this security message.

5. It will ask for user and password for the WebUI. Both of them are rimbitrpc. The screen will go blank with just Loading RimbitUI at the top.

6. You will be in! Across the right top you have the number of blocks and it will start syncing and downloading the blocks. Fortunately the wallet is already at 123,000 so it won't take long.

7 Where is the wallet account number (address)? On the left top is Accounts. Below it is a really narrow vertical box. Use you cursor to expand it to the right and then several folders show up. Hit the + to open the folders and in the second level is your account number or RBT address for the Pi.

Here is the first screen with the narrow box below Accounts

And after you expand the narrow box, folders are visible.

Backing up your RimbitPi wallet

This is very easy and idiot proof.

1. Lock your wallet - see next section

2. Insert a USB stick into one of the 4 USB ports on the Pi

3. There are 2 tiny black buttons on the right hand end of the Pi. The one closest to the center is the backup button. Press and hold it.

The Pi will display Pi Wallet Backing Up

When finished, it will display Backup Complete Remove USB

Note, if you press the button and forgot to insert the USB stick you will get this error message Backup Failed No USB Detected

3. If you look at the USB stick, it will not have the familiar wallet.bak file. The backup file is something like this 20160515111551.bak where it is named for date and time of backup yyyymmddhhmmss.bak

Here is photo of buttons on the end of Pi.

Encrypting, Locking and Unlocking your Pi wallet

1. When you first attach the RimbitPi to the network, it cycles through several screens one of which says the Pi Wallet is Not Encrypted

2. To encrypt the wallet from the WebUI screen, press the Encryption button at the top left center. A box will appear to Encrypt Wallet. Enter your password and confirm in the second box. Press the Encrypt Wallet below. The RimbitPi will shut down automatically after this. You will need to manually reboot the RimbitPi by pressing and holding the outside button (closest to power cord) for several seconds.

Note..nothing seems to happen for a long time as the Pi reboots. then it starts scrolling through the screens and they all have ERROR. Relax. Nothing is wrong. A few moments later as it is back online, the numbers appear.

Here is the encryption screen

Now when the screens cycle through, it will show Pi Wallet is Locked instead of Pi Wallet is Not Encrypted. Also you will note on the WebUI page that 'Lock Wallet' button at the top is not in Bold Type.

3. To Unlock the wallet and mint interest, Press the Keypool 101 button on the top right. Sometimes it may show Keypool 100. Why I am not sure. Then an Unlock wallet box will appear in the center of the screen. Enter your password. It has a time limit and is at 300 seconds to begin with. I changed to 30,000 so I can mint for a while.. The press theUnlock wallet button below.

If you look at the Pi screen now it will show Pi Wallet is Unlocked. Also, the Lock wallet button on the top left is now bolded.

Here is the screen

4. To lock the wallet once again, just press the bold Lock wallet at the top and a few seconds later, it will turn to plain rather then bold. You can check by looking at the Pi screen.

Note: make sure your wallet is locked before doing a backup or somebody could use your backup to steal your RBT.

Sending Rimbit From your RimbitPi

1. the terminology and process is a little different. On the WebUI screen at the top left is Donate button. That means send. Press the Donate button and a box appears.

2. The top says Source account click the drop down menu on the right and <default> appears. Select that as you can see on the left under accounts, the file is default with several individual address below.

3. The next is the account ar address that you wish to send to. PriorGuy has his account there and I am sure he would be happy to receive any RBT you care to send. But if it is to go to someone else, delete his account and paste the intended recipient into the box.

3. Enter amount of RBT. It has RBT0.00 presently in the box. Just erase that and enter the amount.

4. Press Send Rimbit button below. If the wallet is locked, it will ask for your passphrase before the send is completed. Once it has gone through, it shows a long transaction ID. It isn't necessary to keep this. You can just close the box.

Here is the Send (Donate) screen

How to transfer your wallet from your PC to the RimbitPI

1. There is another program on the Pi called Webmin that gives you access to the operating system of the Pi. Open a browser on your PC. In the web address enter


Note it is 10000 after the colon and Pi IP not 8338

It will ask for user and password. they are user pi and password raspberry

Once you are in, here is the screen

On the left, click on Others then File Manager then home folder

Next click on pi (only choice here) then .rimbit

A long list of files and folders will appear, but there is our familiar wallet.dat file at the bottom.

To delete this empty wallet.dat and put your wallet.dat from your PC instead, click the square beside wallet.dat and the press the red X at the top right.

Then press the green arrow at the top right and a box will open to select the wallet.dat from the PC and then it will get uploaded.

Here are all the buttons on top right including the red X delete and the green arrow for upload.

Hope this helps you getting started with your new RimbitPi:)

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