Tutorials 4. Using the Website - Using the Forum

Summary of the tutorial

This tutorial will detail the components of the Forum, and how to create and respond to messages.

Posting on the Forum

1. You can only post messages if you have an account on the Rimbit website. There is a tutorial for that!

2. Along the blue navigation bar at the top of the page, click on Forum, as circled and labeled number 1 in the picture below.

3. You will see all of the forum subjects listed as you scroll down, and clicking on one will show you all the topics in that particular subject.

4. For your first visit to the forum, you should introduce yourself by clicking on the Welcome Mat subject as shown above circled and labeled number 2.

5. You will then see the screen below.

6. Click on Post New Thread, shown circled above. You will then see the screen below.

7. Create a title for your post, or “Thread”. Above we have used “Hello World!”.

8. As indicated by arrow 2, you will enter your message here. You have a number of options, such as font size, color, pictures, etc.

9. When your post is exactly the way you would like it, click on Create Thread button as indicated by arrow 3.

10. Your first post on the forum is now done!

11. Now we will look at the different methods available to respond to a post. Let’s look at an average post as seen below.

12. As you can see at the bottom of the message, there are a number of different response options. You can “Comment” on the post, as seen above circled, you can “Tweet this post”, you can “Like” it, or you can “Reply” to it. You can also Share This Page with any social media site that you like, by clicking on its icon in the social media bar.

13. In the first example, we will Comment on it, so click on the Comment button as circled above. You will then see the box below.

14. In the shaded blue box, you type your comment, and then click on Post Comment button. You will then see the screen below.

15. Circled above, your Comment is now seen within the message you were commenting on.

16. As seen above, you can click on a Reply button, or you can simply “Write your reply”, in the box at the bottom of the page. What is the difference? Well if you click on Reply, you get the same box, but it actually quotes the message you are replying to. We will do it without quoting the message, as seen below.

17. As indicated by the arrow, I have typed my message in the box. Then click Post Reply, and you will see the screen below.

18. I would recommend that if you are wanting to reply to just one particular message, you Comment on it. If your message is more like a conversation response, then reply without quote. If your message is in response to a post that isn’t the most recent, you might want to Reply from the message in particular, thus quoting it.

19. One last option is that if you want to respond or send a message just to the one person, click on the “Private Message” box to the left of the message. This will start a conversation with that person only, and is not visible to anyone else.

20. Happy posting!

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