Tutorials 1. Setting Up Account on Rimbit.com

Summary of the tutorial

This tutorial will demonstrate how to set up a user account on this website.

Setting Up Account on Rimbit.com

How to Create an Account on Rimbit.com

1. Go to www.rimbit.com and click on Sign Up as seen below.

2. You will then see the screen below.

3. Pick a Name that everyone else will see. Probably not a good security idea to use your real name. Then add an email address. This has to work because a confirmation will be sent to it before you can start using your account here. Then pick a good password, and answer the rest of the questions as seen above and below.

4. Once the questions are answered and the verification code entered, click on Sign Up. You will then see the page below.

5. Head over to your email and find the confirmation email that has been sent there. You can see a sample of it below.

Keep Going!

6. Once you click on the link in the email, you will be taken back to the Rimbit website and see the confirmation as shown below.

7. Now you will see your login shown below. Voila! Account created!

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